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Ben Strube

Ben’s work philosophy is to be the #1 source of support for every buyer he serves. It’s frustrating to have a professional tell you, “I don’t handle that, go ask this other person.” You need someone to take 100% ownership of providing great service to you. That’s what Ben does, and what his diverse skill set can do for you. This philosophy comes from his first job (15 years ago), working at Brookshire Grocery Company, where famously (as the story goes) the owner jumped over a counter to go show a customer exactly where an item was on the shelf. Ben brings that type of service into his real estate work, at a time when true customer service has largely gone away. Not pointing, but walking you to the solution(s) to whatever issue you are facing.

Ben graduated college with a degree in Economics and Political Science (UT Tyler). He was a Bill Archer Fellow at the US Senate, and then began mortgage originations work while at Chase Bank. After taking over 1500 calls and helping people nationwide apply for financing with the bank, he left to obtain his mortgage brokerage license and became independent, offering buyers advice about which lender had the best products, service, and pricing for their unique situation. Ben is a Texas Realtors’ Certified Instructor, teaching other Realtors what skills and concepts they should be aware of to better serve their buyers who need financing. Ben also serves on the Professional Development Committee of the Collin County Association of Realtors. Teaching is a true passion, and he loves explaining concepts and helping his clients make the best decisions for themselves as their advisor, mentor, and coach.

In his free time, Ben is a member of the North Texas Master Naturalists, a club devoted to preserving natural spaces in the metroplex. Fun fact, Ben grew up on a farm in East Texas, and he continues to garden in his backyard, and loves helping people who’ve never had a garden get started. A couple of his favorite places to visit are Vancouver, Sonoma County California, and Mexico City. He believes in a healthy work-life balance because the Good Life is having plenty of everything in the right amounts (money and time) to get to enjoy life, friends, family, and nature.

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