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Great Stories begin with Corey when it pertains to customer service. In order to great on must 1st learn to serve others. He takes that quote from the great book of Matthew and runs with it. He has been a North Texas native for more than 40 years and has changed lives in the form of Residential Real Estate for the past 7 years. One of his strengths that stand out the most is his ability to obtain the information his client’s ask for by staying connecting to the community. Corey specializes in Veteran focused Real Estate, however he also has does well with various other types of Real Estate Transactions.

What Corey appreciates more than anything is just to simply be able to dive deep into the hard work it takes to get his client’s into their dream home or obtain a great price for the home listed strategically in today’s housing market. He has a special place in his heart for the 1st time buyers considering his 1st Home purchase led him into becoming the Agent he is today. To say the least, service to the people is his 1st language and he speaks it well. In his spare time Corey’s practices Martial Arts in the form of Self Defense and enjoys a good intense release of energy through Health and Wellness programs at Life Time Fitness. His home life consists of 7 years Married to a lovely School Counselor in the Collin County ISD, a 11 year old four legged family member named Bryndle, and called Plano, Texas home for the past 4 years. If he wasn’t a Real Estate agent today you can put your money on the fact that he would still be serving others and putting a positive spin on everyone life that he encounters.

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