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Greg Bachman

Greg is a father of four AWESOME kids, married to a smoking hot wife, all the while he happens to be a realtor as well. He is a retired veteran and loves nothing more than helping other vets and first responders. Along with that, no matter your background, new builds are my bread and butter! Education: Not only did he excel in the Real Estate courses, but he also has a MBA (Masters in Business Administration). What that means to you is that he can often see through and navigate some of the tricky wording that can be found in contracts and throughout the buying and selling process. Numbers and netting the most for his clients is the name of the game. Professional: He is here for YOU. He will work solely on your side; no matter what the transaction amount. There is no property too big or too small. He has the knowledge of the industry backed by the Bachman Realty Group and the drive instilled in him from the military.

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