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Rachel Cooney

Rachel received ‘Rookie of the Year’ her first year in real estate and has continued on an upward trajectory ever since. One of Rachel’s strengths is analysis, and she is continually honing her skill to bring the most up to date information to her clients. She loves the moment when clients become friends, and when friends walk into a home and realize that it’s THEIR next home. Her very favorite type of people to work with are first time home buyers, their excitement is contagious! Since she moved here from Minnesota in 2014 she is also very focused on helping relocating clients finding their new home in Texas based on what they are needing. Her passion for helping extends beyond clients and to the community. Rachel has been a board member in the PTA, led animal shelter supply drives, as well as other community outreach programs. When home, she is surrounded by her husband, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. If she won the lottery Rachel would go back to college indefinitely and earn as many degrees as possible.

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