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Robert Rankin

Robert grew up in a family owned business located in DFW so he’s no stranger to how the area he calls home has changed over the years. In the early stages of his career, Robert worked in banking starting out as a part time teller and then quickly rose up through the ranks to finish his 9 years of tenure out in Wealth Management working with Private Clients on portfolio management and investments. Using his knowledge of real estate developed during this timeframe he shifted his career to becoming a Realtor in 2018. Robert quickly became one of the top agents in DFW and found himself leading a squad of realtors to mentor them in their successes as well. Because of his financial background and contract knowledge, Robert specializes in negotiations and getting the best deals possible for his buyer and seller clients.

When he’s not working in real estate, Robert competes in archery tournaments, works with his local archery shop’s youth program and also coaches. He’s had a unique coaching path getting to work with archers across the USA but also in other countries across the globe as well as working with a paralympic archer for the 2016 Olympic Games.

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